Friday, June 25, 2004

Regina D

Her father sexually abused her relentlessly.
He referred to queer people as "those goddamn faggots!"
He cursed her for being lesbian.
He died in bitterness and alcoholism.
Regina never liked him.

But Regina's mother sat her down this past November to set the story straight.
"Regina, when you told me you were a lesbian, you may have wondered how I took it all so well," her mother began then dropped the bomb.
"Your father liked men."
Seems all his homophobia was aimed right at himself as part of his own self-loathing.
He never hated Regina because she was lesbian; he hated himself.

In spite of the mess she was given, Regina speaks of hope and healing and love.

Regina: "If we are not real, it will kill us and we will take other people with us."

Regina: "I want to expand the meaning of the phrase, 'My People.'"

Regina wants to include more than just other African-American Lesbian Women in her group. She seeks to embrace among "her people" all queer folks, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Disabled, more and more, a wider coalition of humanity that she calls kin. "Everywhere I look, I need to see my people."


At 5:04 PM , Blogger Unknown said...


I'm surprised there are no other comments on your blogs here because you clearly have a powerful witness and a voice worth hearing/here-ing.

As a white anglo-hetero I really cannot speak to soem aspects of your experience. But I'm human as are you and we share that.

I was born with a disability. I came in last in the races and got chosen last for basketball. I lived with words like queer and faggot and fairy long before I knew what they meant. That savagery kept me from entering a church for a very long time. So I witnessed a small glimpse of your life just as I suppose you have glimpsed into mine.

Continue to follow your G/guide.

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